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(Sharing of Good Food)

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General Inquiries for Jordan's Principle can be sent to:  jordansprinciple@mnaasged.com

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Ontario Teachers Job Action - Support for Parents


Support for Parents was launched on January 15, 2020.  Through this program, parents can apply for financial support for each day of school (or school-based child care) that is missed on account of the labour disruption that has resulted in the closure of schools. Financial support will be provided on a per child basis and one parent/legal guardian can apply for support. Foster parents are eligible to apply for children in their care during a strike.


Parents can apply online and select “direct deposit” as their payment method to receive payments weekly.

  • Paper-applications are available at MPP and school board offices for parents who cannot apply online.

  • Cheques are also available as a payment method, but parents would not receive their support until the end of the labour disruption.


Applications can be submitted up to four weeks after the end of the labour disruption and more information can be found at:



The Mnaasged Vision



The Creator has brought us together to share our gifts with one another for the benefit of our Nations’ children.  All children are gifts from our Creator and will be honoured by our vision through strengthening the spirit of our people by promoting and empowering healthy lifestyles.  The strength is in our values, way of life, and understanding the spirit of a child.  All children have the right to feel loved, nurtured and to grow up in a safe, healthy home, that embraces family and community.


One of the original core Indigenous beliefs is, “The Creator has entrusted us with the sacred responsibility for protecting and bringing to life the original spiritual gift – our children – who need to be connected to our customs, culture, values and beliefs as the foundational attribute of empowered self.”  This core belief has been disrupted and damaged by the colonial system, including the residential school system.


Mnaasged Child and Family Services aspires to meet this responsibility and to enhance the social harmony in our communities by implementing best practices and shared responsibility to support and improve the quality of life for our families now and for the next generations.

Mnaasged Child and Family Services

Annual Report 2019

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