What is Alternative Care?
Mnaasged's Alternative Care program provides services that are rooted in the cultural values and beliefs.  It ensures that both the Alternative Care families and the children in the home receive these culturally appropriate services to provide the child with a sense of stability, continuity, socialization and spirituality.  These are all very important to the child's mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
The program provides family based residential care for children in need of protection and out-of-home placement inclusive of:
  • Alternative Care
  • Kin In-Care, and
  • Formal Customary Care
Who Can Be an Alternative Care Parent?

Alternative Care parents come from all walks of life and a diversity of culture,

religion and lifestyle. 

They may be:

  • Anyone 18 yrs of age or over, in good general health and financially self-sufficient;

  • Stable relationships, including married couples, couples living in a conjugal relationship (common-law) who have cohabited for at least one year, widows, widowers, and single applicants;

  • No substance abuse, criminal charges pending or significant criminal background;

  • No verified or suspected incidents of child abuse;

  • Adequate living and sleeping premises for a child;

  • Cultural competency.


How do I become an Alternative Care Parent?

Step 1 - Inquiry 

Contact Mnaasged Child and Family Services at 519 289 1117. 

Step 2 - Home Visit

A Mnaasged Helper will visit your home to discuss your interest in becoming an Alternative Care Parent. 


Step 3 - Family Assessment

Mnaasged Helpers will conduct home visits to complete the family assessment. 


Step 4 - Indigenous PRIDE Training

Training that is geared specifically to First Nation families 


Step 5 - Decision

If all criteria is met, you will become an Alternative Care Parent!



What Can You Expect When You Become an Alternative Care Parent?


  • A per diem is paid for each day that a child is placed in your home. 

  • Support from Mnaasged Child and Family Services Helpers to assist you in caring for the child(ren). 

  • Training on various topics which include child development, behaviours, etc... 

  • Alternative Care program reinforces First Nation values, customs and traditions between the child and their community. 

  • Guidance to ensure children feel like they belong. 

  • Bringing a child into your home is a challenge, but the rewards are endless



For More Information Contact

Joyce George,

Capacity Development Support

311 Jubilee Road

Muncey, ON N0L 1Y0


Telephone:  519 289 1117 Ext. 222


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